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Counselling : Confronting
Egans Helping Model: Stage 3
Counselling : Self-Disclosure
Egans Helping Model: Stage 1
Counselling : Attending and Listening
Counselling : Empathy
Egans Helping Model: Stage 2
Medical History Interview for Nurse Practioners
Counselling : Reflecting Content and Information Giving
Counselling : Probing
Physical Exam by Nurse Practioner
Clinical Decision Making for Nurse Practioners
Counselling : Immediacy
Advance Nursing Practice Exemplar - Collaboration
Conceptual Model for Advanced Nursing - Life Transitions
Joanne Simms: Nurse Practitioner in Adolescent Health
Turning a Client with One Caregiver
Transfer Belt - What it is and how it works
Supportive Positioning Technique: Fowlers
Repositioning a Client up in Bed Caregivers at side of Bed
Repositioning a Client to Sit on Edge of Bed
Friction reducing devices: The Tube Slider and Maxi-Slide
Logrolling Repositioning Technique
Repositioning a Client up in Bed with Caregivers at Head of Bed
Repositioning a patient in a chair
Assistive Devices for Health Care Providers: Lateral Slider Board
Transferring Client from bed to chair
Walking One Person Assist
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